Preparing for a Trial as a Solo Attorney: Elements of Proof, the Message, and Organizing Your Case for Trial

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Join LawPay's Director of Education, Claude Ducloux, for a 60-minute presentation covering:
  • Preparing the non-trial lawyer for a trial before the court;
  • Understanding the business/ethics side of litigation and ethics of fee-setting;
  • Understanding WHY you’re going to court;
  • Developing a trial theme;
  • Defining elements of the case or defense and evidence required for each;
  • Preparing witnesses ahead of time;
  • Simple yet effective presentation techniques;
  • Scoping out your courtroom/court staff ahead of time;
  • Scheduling how you will present your evidence;
  • Understanding standard objections;
  • Ethical rules about evidence, offers of testimony, and the duty to correct false testimony;
  • Drafting your judgment early and other necessities;
  • Courtroom choreography—where you’ll sit or set up and the room;
  • Keeping track of exhibits and rulings during trial; and
  • Handling your client throughout the process and setting reasonable expectations.

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