How to Protect Your Clients and Firm in the Event of Death, Disability, or Retirement

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Join us for a 60-minute presentation with Claude Ducloux, LawPay's Director of Education, as he discusses the best way to protect your clients and firm when an attorney exits the practice due to death, disability, or retirement. You’ll learn:
  • The danger and likelihood that many lawyers have failed to plan for retirement or disability, including dementia and disease;
  • How local and state bars have been handling these increasing problems;
  • How to clean up “messy” (i.e., unplanned) attorney departures from practice;
  • Intervening and interviewing the declining lawyer;
  • Communications with clients, courts, and opposing counsel in messy departures;
  • Appointment of receivers and court intervention;
  • The planning every lawyer should be making, regardless of age and future intention.

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