Boiled Up in “Boilerplate” – Crafting Contracts Navigating Ethical Challenges and Pitfalls

June 19, 2024 | 3pm CT Register

Join LawPay's Director of Education Claude Ducloux in this informative one-hour CLE webinar as he delves into the perils of relying on outdated contract templates and the ethical considerations associated with negligent drafting. Claude will cover key topics including defining boilerplate, strategies for ensuring mutual understanding, and the importance of considering additional provisions that may expand legal duties. Gain valuable insights into the dangers of choice of law provisions, torts implications, the use of waivers, and dispute resolution requirements. This session will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of damages, indemnity, ethical rules surrounding contracts, practical strategies to safeguard yourself, and invaluable advice on the best practices for effective contract provisions.

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