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Cheers to You: How Our Clients Made 2023 Extraordinary

Hannah Bruno
Hannah Bruno
December 5, 2023

As we look back on 2023, it's your stories and achievements that truly shine. Each of you, our valued LawPay users, has played a unique role in making this year extraordinary. This blog isn't just a summary of accomplishments; it's a celebration of your success and our joint efforts. From groundbreaking client stories and impressive growth data to personalized content recommendations, we're toasting every victory, big or small.


Celebrating Our Educational Impact


Number of CLEs Hosted: 78

Obtaining your annual continuing legal education (CLE) credits can be challenging when you already have a packed schedule. We're proud to offer CLE webinars that are not only convenient but also informative and engaging.

This year, LawPay offered 78 live online CLE courses discussing the most relevant topics for legal professionals. All of our CLE webinars are free and hosted by practicing attorney Claude Ducloux, LawPay's Director of Education.

There was much to learn from Claude, from courtroom ethics to modern communication practices that can help you continue developing your craft. Do you still need to complete your CLE requirements for 2023? Visit our CLE center for on-demand recordings!

Number of "Coffee with LawPays" Hosted: 6

2023 has been an incredible year for" Coffee with LawPay," our groundbreaking live show that has become a can't-miss event in the legal community. Hosted by the dynamic Erika Segal and Keely Leonard, each session brought together LawPay users for a vibrant mix of legal insights, practical tips, and real-time Q&As. Our six engaging sessions this year were informative and a fantastic opportunity for networking and community building.

Thank you to all our loyal Coffee with LawPay listeners who said things like:

  • "Your sessions are always so informative—and you make them fun."
  • "I can't wait for the next Coffee with LawPay."
  • "THANKS for recognizing us lawyers with some Love!"

If you would like to check out the recordings of past episodes, you can do so here. Let's continue learning and growing together over a cup of coffee. Join us in 2024 for more" Coffee with LawPay" sessions!


Resources to Help You Make 2024 a Year to Celebrate

As we enter 2024, LawPay is excited to offer a curated selection of resources to support your unique goals. Our collection includes articles, webinars, and guides tailored to your professional growth, from practice management tech recommendations to the latest industry trends. As a partner in your success, let's make 2024 a year of remarkable achievements in your legal practice. Check out some of our most valuable resources below.

Are you aiming to increase your client satisfaction? We recommend: 4 Strategies to Create a Referral-Worthy Client Experience Lawyer-Client Interview: 7 Sample Intake Questions Client-Centered Lawyering and How to Achieve It

Are you aiming to increase your client satisfaction? We recommend:

Want to amp up your profitability? Take a look at these resources:

Are you looking to grow your team or resources at your practice? Check out these first:


Connecting with Our Community & Strengthening Partnerships


Number of New Partner Integrations: 11

2023 marks an integration milestone year for LawPay. We proudly collaborated with 11 new partners, boosting our total to over 84 legal tech integrations! This expansion is a testament to our commitment to support you at every stage of your legal work.

Our goal? To create a seamless experience across platforms and ensure your work process is always organized and efficient. Here's a glimpse into some of our new collaborations:

  • Zoho for Clientric: This collaboration transforms legal businesses by automating client interaction and retention. Synergizing with LawPay's robust billing system, you'll have another tool to elevate client experiences and profitability.
  • Practice42: Together, we're redefining law firm operations. Practice42's comprehensive digital solutions provide you with customized legal firm strategies. The software integrates seamlessly with LawPay's payment systems.
  • LawPractica: LawPractica's features are designed for optimal matter and contact management, time tracking, and productivity. This software seamlessly integrates with LawPay's secure payment system, ensuring efficient operations and compliance with legal trust accounting standards.

These partnerships are just a sample of all the integrations we offer. We invite you to explore the full breadth of our partnerships and integrations to help streamline and enrich your legal practice.

Visit our website to see which LawPay collaborations can help your practice become even more efficient.

Number of Events Attended: 66

Attending and sponsoring these events helps us stay connected with you (our customers) and the larger legal community. We're incredibly grateful for all the questions, feedback, and support we received this year.


Our Year in Numbers!


2 New Features to Make Your Life Easier

This year was all about sprinkling extra convenience into your life! How many new features did we add? Not one, but two innovations to make you more efficient.

Enhanced QuickBooks Online Integration

Our QuickBooks Online integration was a great way to start the year. This isn't just about linking two systems; it's about creating a seamless flow for your financial management. Imagine spending less time on data entry and more on what you do best. We've made tracking expenses, managing accounts, and staying on top of your finances easier—all with a few clicks.

Introducing LawPay Pro

Next, we unveiled LawPay Pro. This feature is packed with benefits to simplify your billing process and make each transaction process a breeze. This includes intuitive time-tracking that captures every billable moment and streamlines invoicing to get your bills out faster and more accurately. We're excited to see how it transforms your day-to-day tasks.

These advancements would not have been possible without your feedback. Here's to more innovation, efficiency, and fun in our journey together. Let's keep making your legal practice more straightforward to manage!


Look at You Crushing Your Payments Goals!

Here is a quick calculation of some of our other big wins in 2023. Thank you for making this year one of our best!

  • 79,586 QR codes scanned using LawPay's QR code feature
  • Texas was the number one state for LawPay transactions.
  • $17,500 was the largest single Pay Later transaction!
  • LawPay users received payments in an average of 8 days, compared to 30 days—the average time for checks and cash to clear.*
  • LawPay users collected 33% more from their legal clients than firms that only accept checks or cash.*
  • LawPay users received payment on 50% of billed invoices—compared to 17%, the average percentage of invoices paid to firms that accept only cash or checks.*
*All statistics pulled from research conducted for the LawPay & MyCase 2023 Benchmark reports.


High Fives All Around

Our sincere thanks go out to all of you. Your trust, partnership, and incredible achievements have made this a year to remember.

As we look to the future, we invite you to dive even deeper with us. Check out our latest resources, stay in the loop with our updates, and let's keep the conversation going on social media. Here's to an even more fantastic 2024—we can't wait to celebrate more milestones and shared successes with you!