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Introducing LawPay Pro: The Only Tool You Need for Legal Billing

Mary Elizabeth Hammond
Mary Elizabeth Hammond
June 20, 2023

LawPay now has invoicing! Introducing LawPay Pro—a cloud-based software designed for lawyers and built to handle your billing process from end to end. LawPay is the #1 legal payments platform trusted by more than 50,000 law firms, and the only legal payments solution recommended by all 50 state bars and the American Bar Association (ABA). Now, imagine combining powerful payment processing with simple, streamlined time-tracking and invoicing —that’s LawPay Pro.

LawPay Pro is the only software you need for legal billing, developed based on feedback from LawPay customers. LawPay Pro allows you to manage billing and invoicing, time and expense tracking, and payments—all in one, secure, place.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the top benefits and new features of LawPay Pro. The top Benefits of LawPay Pro include:

1. Features to Help You Save Time

Focus on billable time and let LawPay Pro take care of the menial, non-billable administrative tasks. With LawPay Pro you can create and send an invoice in just a few clicks. Your billing and payment services can be streamlined and automated, giving your firm hours of the day back.

1. Invoice generation

Automate your invoice generation with information produced from case data and tracked time.

2. Keep all payment, invoicing, and billing information in one secure location

No need to switch between payment processors or deal with the headache of spreadsheets. With LawPay Pro, you can do it all with one tool.

3. Time-tracking goals

Set time-tracking goals in your dashboard and see how many billable hours each member of your firm is capturing.

2. Features to Help You Get Paid

Getting paid has never been easier. You can easily track time and expenses, create and send invoices, and accept payments in just a few simple steps.

1. Time and expense tracking

Reclaim more billable time and increase your firm’s cash flow. Easily and accurately track time and expenses to ensure your firm is paid for every minute of work. Start and stop up to three timers at a time to keep track of billable time and schedule prompts to remind you to log time when you make a call, send an email, upload a document, or save a note for a case.

2. Direct online payments against invoices

Provide clients with a one-click way to pay with an online payment link included in their invoices.

3. Scheduled payments

Guarantee timely payments with the ability to set up automatic payments on different schedules.

3. Features to Provide a Better Client Experience

Taking care of your client's needs is one of the most important responsibilities of a lawyer. LawPay Pro makes it easy to create a client-centered experience that will keep your clientele happy—meaning they are more likely to keep you in mind next time for future legal assistance, friend and family recommendations, and positive reviews.

1. Deliver invoices to clients via email and text

LawPay Pro allows you to quickly send invoices to clients via text or email—making payment much simpler for you and your clients.

2. Online payment platform

LawPay Pro has all of the functionality of LawPay Classic, allowing you to accept online payments, set up payment plans, and give your clients several convenient payment options.

3. Manually record offline payments

Give clients the ability to pay however they like—including via cash, check, or through other processors while still keeping track of payments in a single, reliable location.

4. Features to Help You Win

LawPay Pro was designed specifically for you. Running a law firm requires knowledge you may not have acquired in law school, such as balancing the books, collecting payments, and dealing with trust accounts. These are all tasks you can hand over to LawPay Pro and trust that they will be done accurately and on time.

1. Timesheet calendar

Through the timesheet calendar, you can set goals for the number of hours you want to see billed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The timesheet calendar will show your progress toward these goals.

2. Reporting

LawPay Pro provides financial reporting on:

  • Accounts receivable: Get a detailed list of all ongoing invoices and their status. See exactly which invoices are outstanding and how long it’s been since you’ve billed a client.
  • Trust accounts: Run reports to see trust account balances and activity. Send clients a request to add more funds directly into a trust when balances are getting low. You’ll also rest assured that trust accounts and operating accounts are separated—meeting ABA and Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA) compliance.
  • Team productivity: See how members of the firm are spending billable and non-billable time. And track expenses for each staff member.
  • Finances: View real-time data on transactions, accounts receivable, aging, invoices, and more to get detailed insight into your firm’s financial health.

Invoice Like a Pro

Interested to see how LawPay Pro can elevate your firm’s finances and help you bill like a pro? Packages start as low as $19 a month per user. Try a demo now.