How to Recession-Proof Your Law Firm and Build a Thriving Practice in Any Economy

October 12th, 2022 | 3PM CT Register

In the legal market, things are changing. As the United States economy faces the looming threat of recession, legal services become increasingly less attainable for many clients. Modern attorneys have adapted by "unbundling" their legal services to make them more affordable.

During this webinar, Dave Aarons, CEO of Unbundled Attorney, Anthony Saunders, a family attorney with 10+ years of experience delivering unbundled services, and Janelle Stephens, LawPay Account Manager, will cover unbundled/limited legal services and how you can leverage this growing trend to recession-proof your practice.

This panel will include discussion topics such as:

  • What are unbundled legal services and the typical price points
  • The difference between “a la carte” unbundled services, and limited scope representation
  • How to provide affordable “Pay-As-You-Go” limited scope and full representation options
  • Step by step walkthrough of how to deliver each of these service options
  • How to build a profitable business while making legal services more accessible.

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We hope to see you there!

About our speakers:

Dave Aarons

Dave Aarons


Unbundled Attorney

Dave Aarons is an attorney and the founder and CEO of Unbundled Attorney, a lead generation company that works exclusively with attorneys that offer unbundled legal services. He hosts the Unbundled Attorney Mastermind Podcast, where he discusses best practices for ethical and profitably delivering unbundled legal services and other more affordable options in their practice. He is an avid traveler, competitive golfer, and is passionate about helping inspire a new era of purpose-driven and socially conscious entrepreneurs.

Anthony Saunders

Anthony Saunders

Family and Criminal Attorney

Anthony Saunders is a family and criminal attorney based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Anthony worked with Unbundled Attorney for over 10 years, and was the highest performing lawyer at converting prospective leads into paying clients. This is largely due to his extensive experience delivering unbundled/limited scope legal services. During his legal career, Anthony has founded and sold two law firms, providing him unique insight and expertise in the inner workings of the legal business - and what it takes to build a successful firm.

Janelle Stephens

Janelle Stephens

Partner Program and Account Manager


Janelle Stephens is the Partner Program and Account Manager at LawPay. Janelle earned her bachelors from the University of Texas at Austin and later achieved her MBA through West Texas A&M. Janelle was born and raised in Austin, Texas, where she still enjoys spending time on the lake and at one of the many local parks. Janelle is passionate about equipping lawyers with the tools to operate their businesses successfully and efficiently.