LawPay Launches Partnership With QuickBooks Online Benefitting Legal Professionals

Keely Leonard
March 9, 2023

Austin, Texas (March 9, 2023) — LawPay, the leading online payment solution for legal professionals, has announced its new integration with leading legal accounting software, QuickBooks Online. The new integration allows small and medium-sized legal firms to automatically upload LawPay transaction data to QuickBooks Online. This integration gives LawPay users the ability to save time, increase operational productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.

“We are excited to partner with QuickBooks Online and provide an integration with a premier leading payment software that eases operations for our customers. LawPay has consistently proven its value as a market leader in legal payments while building a network of integrations to enhance its services,” said Dru Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer of LawPay. “LawPay and QuickBooks Online will work hand in hand to implement a full service legal accounting software management system that benefits firms for years to come.”

LawPay has been the go-to solution for legal payments and continues to innovate forward with the broadest legal technology integration ecosystem in the market. According to Intuit, over 98% of feedback reveals QuickBooks helps businesses perform more efficiently and saves more than 42 hours per month. The new partnership with LawPay will generate a wide spread of capabilities that meet the needs of any firm or customers’ business plan.

“We are proud to begin this partnership with LawPay and look forward to making a meaningful impact in legal firms businesses,”said Sasan Goodarzi, Chief Executive Officer of Intuit. “Giving firms the tools they need in every aspect of their business model to succeed is the heart of QuickBooks Online and we will continue to be a great stepping stone for firms to reach new heights.”

For more information on the LawPay and QuickBooks Online Partnership, please visit: Upload Your LawPay Transactions Automatically with QuickBooks Online

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