New Legal Billing Solution LawBillity Debuts with LawPay Payments Integration

Keely Leonard
January 14, 2021

AUSTIN, Texas (January 14, 2020) — LawPay, the industry leader in legal payments, is excited to announce a payment integration with eBillity’s rebranded time and billing software, LawBillity. Realization rates are below average for law firms, indicating that the amount a law firm invoices is lower than the amount of billable work performed. This new LawBillity and LawPay integration is the solution to this problem as it will increase efficiencies and time savings, all while remaining legally compliant.

LawBillity, a legal time tracking and billing software, allows users to improve utilization rates and increase law firm profitability. The platform enables lawyers to capture every billable minute, improve transparency with clients, and with the new LawPay integration, streamline billing and payments in a single, powerful software solution.

“We are excited to offer legal firms the ability to get paid faster by offering secure online payment options that also keep them compliant,” said Douglas Dweck, Vice President of LawBillity and co-founder of eBillity. “LawPay is well respected in the legal field, offers competitive pricing, and will integrate easily with LawBillity.”

LawPay’s payment platform was developed specifically for lawyers with the input of state bars and their ethics committees to ensure earned and unearned legal fees are properly separated and trust accounts are protected against any third-party debiting. LawPay has more than 50 ISV integrations powering payments for some of the largest professional service firms in the US and Canada.

With this new integration, LawBillity customers will have access to a more streamlined payment management solution. Additional benefits include:

● Flexible, comprehensive time tracking from anywhere you are
● Ability to email statements with a customizable LawPay payment link included
● Accept client payments with a few clicks and without ever leaving the LawBillity app
● Award-winning customer support

“eBillity built a specialized product in LawBillity, and we’re excited to introduce online payments to their firms getting them paid as fast as possible,” said Tom West, CEO of LawPay. “We know that together this integration will help law firms drive cash flow, which is beyond important after the tumultuous year the legal industry had in 2020.”

More information about the integration is available at,

About eBillity
eBillity is a software development company that develops time and attendance tracking, expense tracking, and invoicing software to help small and medium-sized businesses increase productivity and profitability. eBillity’s products include: Time Tracker, Time Tracker +Billing, Invoice Tracker and LawBillity.

About LawPay
LawPay was developed specifically to help law firms streamline billings and collections, providing a simple, secure solution for legal clients to pay their bills. LawPay is the industry leader in legal payments, providing a cost-effective solution for more than 55,000 law firms around the country. It's available through all 50 state bars, 60+ local and specialty bars, and the ABA as a vetted and recommended payment solution for the legal industry. Learn more at