Providing online payments for the National Association for Legal Support Professionals

LawPay is proud to power simple, easy-to-use online payments for the National Association of Legal Support Professionals. Our technology is user-friendly, allowing professionals to offer debit, credit, and eCheck/ACH payment options to their clients from anywhere, at any time, with multiple features designed to increase convenience. Also, because LawPay was developed specifically for the legal industry, our solution ensures all payments are processed in compliance with ABA and IOLTA guidelines.

The LawPay Difference

Complete IOLTA compliance, with earned and unearned fees correctly separated and no third-party debiting.

Superior data protection with advanced encryption systems and level 1 PCI compliance, keeping sensitive information safe.

Integrated online payments with more than 30 of U.S. attorneys' favorite legal software solutions.

Trusted by more than 50,000 law firms and 150,000 legal professionals nationwide.

“I can use LawPay any time of the day or night. My clients can pay me from the comfort of their home and they don't have to worry about mailing, they don't have to worry about writing checks. And if there's ever any question about when I'm being paid and if I've been paid, LawPay tells me that in real time.”

John F. Rossi, Attorney at Law

Trust account protection by LawPay

Committed to IOLTA compliance

LawPay was the first online payment solution developed specifically for legal professionals. Not only does LawPay prevent commingling of earned and unearned funds, it also protects your trust account against any third-party, ensuring compliance with ABA and IOLTA account rules.

Enjoy the peace of mind that only comes with using a payment solution developed exclusively for law firms.

The preferred payment partner for legal support professionals

Offer clients the option to pay for their legal fees in installments, while you receive the full invoiced amount at the start of an engagement.

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