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LawPay Pro Billing Software: Demo Video

Introducing: LawPay Pro—LawPay’s all-new end-to-end legal billing software. LawPay Pro was designed to provide everything law firms need to manage billing, invoicing, and time-tracking like a pro.

With this solution, you can:

Create and send invoices with just a few clicks: Ensure accurate and timely billing with automated invoice generation.

Automate time and expense tracking: Reclaim billable hours, reduce time spent on non-billable tasks, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks with automated time and expense tracking.

Get paid faster: Provide clients with the easy payment experience (including secure online transactions) they’re used to with LawPay. Plus, automate payment reminders on upcoming or overdue invoices.

Watch the demo to see how simple LawPay Pro is to use and how it can help you increase your firm’s financial health with quick, easy payments and billing features.

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